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School and Study Trips to Berlin
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berlin  themed walks

All programmes and themes are offered as a modular system allowing you to combine individual units to suit your agenda. We are happy to assist you in creating the perfect Berlin programme for your groupPlease ask us.

  • Government District – the new center of
  • Walk along the Wall – Life before, with
    and after the Fall of the Wall
  • Unter den Linden – Prussia's Grand Style
  • The Ku'damm - Dolce Vita and endless shopping
  • Charlottenburg - from tiny fishing village
    to the richest town in Prussia
  • Cimetary Heerstraße - a literary walk
  • Spandauer Vorstadt- tracing jewish life
  • Kreuzberg -workers' misery, squatters
    and Cafe Latte
  • Tempelhofer Freiheit - Citizens prevail
    against buraucracy
  • Prenzlauer Berg - from socialist sub-culture
    to hippest district in town
  • Potsdamer Platz- new architecture in Berlin
  • Weßßensee - silent witnesses to German-
    Jewish history

berlin  In-Depth - Excursions

You have your own ideas and themes you would like to incorporate in your visit? No problem! We can organize and present any theme or combination of themes you want. We can also organize guided tours, sightseeing and curated tours of museums, institutions and memorials for you as well as establish contacts to government departments, institutions, projects and representatives. Here are some examples:

  • Government up close –Visit Parliament (Bundestag), Federal Assembly (Bundesrat)
    and Government Departments
  • Religions in Berlin - Buddhist Temples, Churches, Synagoges and Mosques
  • Creative Berlin – Literature, Art, Music, Design
  • Neukölln –multi-cultural district and social hot spot
  • Hohenschönhausen - das Stasi Prison of the
    former DDR Regime
  • World Capital Germania - Tempelho Airport
    Olympic Stadium, East-West-Axis
  • House of Wannsee Conference – The perfectly
    organized crime
  • Topography of Nazi Terror – Gestapo, SS and
    Secret Service of the Third Reich

Please enquire about how we can create a programme for you.

berlin  Coach Tours

A great way to start your visit of Berlin: 892 km² Ssurface area and 5343 km of city roads do present some challenge. Our coach roundtrips will give you a first comprehensive impression of Berlin and a taste of all that this city has to offer:

  • Places of Interest – Brandenburg Gate,
    Alexanderplatz, Castle Charlottenburger, Ku'damm and more.
  • City Districts - War and reconstruction, City development and city marketing
  • A Divided City –the Wall and traces of it in the city
    and in people's heads
  • World Capital Germania - Tempelhof Airport,
    Olympic Stadium, East-West-Axis

We normally conduct these tours using public transport but we can organize a coach for your group.
PLease enquire about this.

berlin   Excursions by boat

We will organize a sightseeing tour on the river Spree with our partner "Reederei Riedel".
Please enquire about this.

berlin   Excursions by bike

We can organize a bike-tour with our partner "Berlin on Bikes".
Please enquire about this.

berlin   for small groups

Ideal for groups of 1 - 5 participants. Subject matters and timeline are custom tailored to suit you.
Pleae enquire abouzt this.

Berlin as an out-of-school study place

Our programmes are created to suit the respective type of school and the age group of the participants.
Themes are presented in a manner which allows students to discover and to understand the intertwined connections between social, economic, political, cultural and environmental issues. Participants can experience the city close-up and personal and enjoy an active learning process.

Main Themes

We can organize and present any theme and subject matter that you may want to cover with your students. The following themes have been favourites:

  • German History
    Berlin is a relatively young but also very dynamic city:
    • Industrialisation and Founding Era
    • World War I, Great-Berlin and the Roaring Twenties
    • 3rd Reich, Destruction and Postwar Period
    • The Divided City, Reunification and the New Capitalt
    • Berlin: Real life example for the division of the world into two major power blocks
  • Capiatl City and Seat of Government
    We can give you a realistic view of the workings of our parliamentary democracy:
    • Visit Parliament and the Reichstag Dome
    • Attend a Plenary Session
    • Visit Government Institutions
  • Creative Berlin
    The Berlin art scene is multi-facetted and vibrant:
    • Visit artists' workshops
    • Meet writers, painters, directors, producers and musicians
    • Visit Cabarets, Fringe Festivals, exhibitions and innovative modern art installations
    • Visit interesting start-ups
    • Enjoy individual sessions at museums, theatres and exhibitions
  • Berlin Social Hot Spots
    Berlin – a multi-cultural and multi-social city. No wonder problems come with the territory:
    • Field Trip Kreuzberg
    • Field Trip Prenzlauer Berg
    • Field Trip Neukölln
    • Visit innovative projects aiming to solve social problems
    • Visit various social welfare projects


Study Days booked with B.I.S.S. are recognized as paid educational leave (Germany only).


We are happy to assist you with establishing contacts with government institutions, projects or initiatives. We can also organize meetings and interviews with those in charge. This aslo applies to museums, theatres and organizations (i.e. Memorials).

seminars for senior classes

Themes are studied with the assistance of experienced /seasoned instructors over the course of several days. Excursions to sites in Berlin alternate with classroom workshop. Seminar rooms can be provided. Popular themes are:

  • Social Studies (Civic Education)
  • Ideologies / Religions
  • History
  • Literature and Science